Service Level Agreement

Web Site Support

Website support includes changes that are made to existing content on approved/live pages on your site. The type of changes may include:

  1. Page content updates to an existing page
  2. Image updates on an existing page
  3. Page layout changes within the existing structure of a page
  4. Adding page content to an existing page
  5. Adding images—except where images are part of any graphic design

Hourly rate for web site support—$80 per hour

In each case the new content or images must be supplied by the client and the client remains responsible for all copyright pertaining to the use of content added to their site.


Requests for change can be verbal, but must be followed up in writing (preferably e-mail) before the change can be made.

Changes will normally be affected within 2 working days of the receipt of the request in writing.

All changes must be viewed on the development platform and approved, in writing, by the client before the changes will be put into production.

Approval in writing is permissible via e-mail.

Billing Terms

Invoice will be sent at the end of each month detailing all support work done and time taken.

Payment is required within 14 days of receipt of each invoice.

Web Development

Changes which require the creation of additional pages or require database development will be billed at the current Web Development rate and may take longer than 2 working days to complete.

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Change Request

  1. identify your site (eg:
  2. page to be changed
  3. attach content to be altered or replaced
  4. attach images to be altered or replaced
  5. confirm who will be approving the changes
  6. any additional information that will allow us to support your site

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