User acceptance testing (UAT)

UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is the process by which applications, which have been purpose-built (tailored) to suit a business or organisation, need to be rigorously tested before they are relied upon as part of the business operations. The testing normally takes the form of having users of various levels (e.g. first-time users, experienced users, user adminsistrators, and system administrators) complete set "scripts". The purpose of these scripts is not only to test the expected functionality of the application, but also to test the ability of the application to handle errors, and help the user to use the application.

It does not matter if your application is large or small, scripts need to be specific to your systems. We understand that the requirements for testing will vary between organisations and various applications. You need to know that your systems are going to deliver as you expect and have the ability to test upgrades and enhancements before they are launched.

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