About Prositos

“Prositos” comes from the Greek language, and means “accessible”.

It is our mission to provide and encourage, web-site design and web application development, that allows your business to attract the greatest number of visitors and clients, while meeting web standards. We code our web applications and web-site design to standards, (including W3C's WAI) to provide you with the best marketing tool that a business can wield.

We aim to assist you to grow your business, by turning more visitors to your site, into clients.

Why have an accessible web-site?

  1. Legislative requirement:

    In Australia there is a legal requirement that all web-sites are equally accessible by everyone, including people with a disability. Failing to do so, not only restricts how many people can view your web-site, but it can also leave you open to prosecution.
  2. Your business:

    Accessibility and good web-site design will avoid negative impact on your professional image, and increase the prospective sales and income for your business.
  3. Accessibility doesn't cost more:

    Accessibilty is a feature of web design, not an add on. It should not cost you any more to have a web-site that meets accessibility standards and complies with legislation. We aim to remain competitive in our pricing. Having a usable, accessible and most of all, effective web-site need not mean you pay more.

How can we help?

At Prositos, we have experience in consulting on web-site design, web application development, and software training, as well as being able to advise on usability and accessibility recommendations for your web-site.

Contact us to find out how much more your web-site could be doing for your business